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Fylde Road Pharmacy
117 Fylde Road
Southport PR9 9XL
Tel. 01704509509
Mail fylderoad@chemistgroup.co.uk

Travel Clinic Service at Fylde Road Pharmacy

We have recently started a Travel Clinic Service at Fylde Road Pharmacy as part of our aim to expand the healthcare services available within pharmacy. The service involves everything you would expect from a dedicated travel service .We are trained to administer and supply vaccines and anti-malarial medication required for a particular destination using up to date recommendations from Nathnac. We will conduct a pre travel risk assessment the results from which we can provide tailored travel advice. We have the added benefit from stocking a wide range of travel goods such as first aid kits, anti diarrhoea; anti travel sickness medicines and insect repellents.We also have preferential availability to vaccines which are in short supply.

The service involves

  • Pre-travel risk assessment
  • Country specific information and advice
  • Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis
  • A wide range of travel health products
  • Short notice/evening/weekend appointments

As a Travel Counselor you will understand the importance of protection against potential diseases which can cause serious disruption and potentially life threatening complications.

We be would appreciate your support in helping to launch this service by offering you a £20 referral fee for your clients.

I have enclosed some business cards and also a list of vaccinations and anti malaria medication supplied under the service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Yours sincerely

Sanjay Anand BSC(HONS)MRPharms.