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Medicines Use Reviews

Our new Medicines Use Review service offers patients on long-term medication an opportunity to undertake a formal review of their medicines with an accredited pharmacist. It will allow our pharmacist to establish a full picture of how you use your medicines - both prescribed and those purchased over the counter. It will help us to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome from your treatment. The review is designed to support you in understanding every part of your therapy, identify any problems you may be experiencing and offer mutually agreed solutions. Each review is confidential and will take place in our private consultation room and last about 20 minutes. This service is funded by the NHS and provided free of charge. We will provide you with a record of the outcome of the review and a note of the meeting will be added to your medical notes. A follow on review can also be arranged where necessary. Please arrange a convenient appointment for your review. Think about any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have about your medication and what you would like from the review. Please bring along all your current medication to the review, including items like inhalers or creams, which are equally important as tablets and capsules.